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The Imaging Product Management Group

The Imaging Product Management Group (IPMG) is a dedicated commodity cell within the Services and Technology Acquisition Management Sector of the Acquisitions branch of the department of Public Works and Government Services Canada - Pacific Region. Although regionally located, the IPMG handles the national commodity management for a number of imaging product lines including computer printers and analog and digital photocopiers. The National Master Standing Offers (NMSOs) for Desktop, Network and Wide Format Printers, for Convenience (Analog) Photocopiers and for Digital Connected Printer/Copiers are developed and produced by the IPMG. It is our privilege to serve a national client base of Departments, Agencies and Crown Corporations of the Government of Canada. To facilitate the distribution of pricing and technical information about these commodities, NSTL Canada Inc. maintains and operates this web site in collaboration with the IPMG. We appreciate your feedback on our efforts and look forward to working with you to develop and refine this site.